Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sudanese woman beaten for waering trousers

Look at this video from sky bolg .

The president is a criminal. The people are being entertained while the woman is beaten only for wearing trousers under her Islamic garments. The govt says, there had been a mistake. But they do not make clear where the mistake had been done!

The president is a criminal and backed by the superpowers!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bolivia Passes Land Reform Bills

BBC report:

The Bolivian Senate has approved a controversial reform bill proposed by President Evo Morales to redistribute under-used land to rural communities.

A week-long stand-off ended when three opposition senators broke ranks with their conservative parties to vote in favour of the bill.

Thousands of indigenous protesters had marched on La Paz on Tuesday to put pressure on the senate to pass the law.

It could lead to the redistribution of up to 20m hectares of land to the poor.

Big landowners oppose the move, saying it will destroy Bolivian agriculture, and have threatened to use force to defend their property.

Leftist win in EL Salvedor

"Ex-Guerrillas Win El Salvador Election" says www.npr.org. They reports:

For the first time in El Salvador, a left-wing party has won the presidency. The Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front formed in 1980 as a band of Marxist guerrillas attempting to seize power. They spent 12 years fighting in the jungle and almost two decades in political opposition — and they finally accomplished their goal Sunday night.

Alarming for America. Cuba and other leftist allies along with liberation theology....

Friday, March 6, 2009

Imran Khan on Swat

Former cricketer and now a politician, Imran Khan, chief of teherik-e-insaf, a political party of Pakistan said on last week criticizing the military operations started bny the PPP led government that it may lead the situations as it were in East Pakistan in 1971.

sources 1

The situation in Pakistan is very upsetting after the attack on the Srilankan Cricket team. The political unrest and the tribal forces were always been a problem for them. Adding to the Belusch problems(also comparable to Bangladesh condition in 1971) the North West Frontier Provincial problems are causing great difficulties from them recently.

Md Toaha after 1971: From Prothom -Alo

An article in the prothom alo on Md Toaha the Peking Party Leader, after 1971 on the liberation war.

Another article on Sheikh Mujibar Rahman from Dailystar Forum